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About the artists....

jeff 1.jpg
We are a family of artists!

Kimberly Varner has been a lifelong performing artist, fiber artist and painter. She has been face painting for several years and also performs with a magic theater company in the Bay Area. Naturally her children are also artists and have decided to join her in the world of entertainment. Rhea (aka Rheasunshine) creates glitter tattoos and is an amazing digital artist creating original dragon animations for her YouTube channel. Not to be outdone by his sister, Jeffery (aka Prince Page) is a talented juggler, magician's apprentice and is learning the art of balloon sculpture so he can soon join our company.  In our spare time we perform in the Magic Dragon Family Wonder Show, a chidren's production featuring magic, juggling and puppetry. We have been seen at the Newpark Mall, Kid's Club and at private events throughout the Bay Area. 

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